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Frequently Asked Questions

At Avem Quirks we endeavor to provide efficient and effective sales and technical support to our clients. Our FAQ page may assist you in answering a question you have about our products or services. If you require any more information, please call our toll free number – 1800 658 120 and ask to speak to any of our experienced sales or technical support staff.


S1: Does Avem Quirks sell second-hand or reconditioned equipment? Sales


Avem Quirks prides itself on providing our customers with high quality, reliably built equipment solutions to suit their business needs. As the quality of second-hand or reconditioned equipment does not conform to our high standards, we do not sell units of this type to our customers.

S2: Does Avem Quirks provide short-term rentals of equipment? Sales


Avem Quirks does not provide short-term rentals of equipment. However, Avem Quirks does provide long-term fleet rental packages. If you would like to discuss this further please contact one of our experienced sales staff via our Contact us page.

S3: I have just purchased a unit, how long is my warranty and what does this cover? Sales


Avem Quirks provides a 12 month warranty on all equipment sales. This warranty extends to all repairs needed as a result of manufacturer error and covers all repairs costs, including parts and labour.

S4: Can I be informed about the estimated time of delivery (ETA) of recently purchased equipment? Sales


Our experienced sales staff will provide you with an ETA when you purchase your equipment. If you require an update on this ETA or would like to advise Avem Quirks of a delivery date and time that best suits you, please call our head office and one of our staff will be happy to help. Our head office contact details can be found via our Contact Us page.

S5: My unit needs to be serviced, how do I arrange this? Sales


Arranging for one of our experienced service technicians to assess and repair your equipment is easy! With the serial number of your unit ready, please call our head office and ask to be put through to our service team so they can promptly assist with your needs. Our head office contact details can be found via our Contact Us page.

S6: Where can I find the serial number of my unit so that I can arrange for a service to be undertaken? Sales


The serial number of your unit is needed in order to arrange a service. The location of this serial number depends of the type of unit you have purchased.

- For cooling units, such as our many different models of fridges, the serial number is generally found on a sticker placed on the inside upper left corner of the unit. If this is not the case, please look for a sticker that may be placed in another location on the inside of the unit.

- For heating units, such as Pie Warmers and Ovens, the serial number is found either on an engraved metal plate or a sticker. Both of these can be found on the outside of the unit.

T1: What is an Auto Dialler and how does it work? Technical


The Auto Dialler is an optional remote monitoring device contained within the control panel of the Medisafe Fridge, connected to a dedicated analogue telephone line. In the event of a power failure, the Auto Dialler will dial 5 pre-programmed phone numbers, in sequence, until the alarm is acknowledged. This will provide specified persons with notification that alternate vaccine storage arrangements are required to prevent loss of stock.

T2: Can my Auto Dialler work with a digital phone line? Technical


Your Auto Dialler will NOT work with a digital phone line. The Auto Dialler requires an analogue phone line in order to dial the pre-specified phone numbers you have set.

T3. I have received a new Data Logger, can I use it immediately? Technical


NO. Your new Data Logger will need to be configured before first use. For steps on how to do this, please refer to pages 7-11 the Avem Quirks Medisafe user guide supplied with your Medisafe Refrigerator. The user guide can be accessed by opening the file attached below. Link to PDF user manual If, for any reason you cannot configure your new Data Logger, a software update may be required. Please log onto www.Data

T4. My Data Logger is not downloading any information? Technical


There are a few reasons why your Data Logger may not be downloading data. Your device may have run out of battery. To check this, please refer to the Data Logger configuration window where battery status is indicated. As Data Logger batteries are not user replaceable, please contact Avem Quirks to order a new recorder.

Please ensure the Data Logger is correctly inserted into the interface and we also encourage that you check the interface reading pins (3 x steel pins on base of Data Logger) as a build-up of dust may prevent connection with the interface. In an unlikely scenario, the interface program may have uninstalled itself from your computer. Please connect the interface to a USB port and the driver should begin to install automatically. Other troubleshooting can be found at www.Data

T5: What is the recommended temperature range for my Medisafe Fridge? Technical


The National Vaccine Storage Guidelines are outlined in the Strive for 5 initiative. This recommends that vaccines be kept between +2° and +8° to reduce the chance of product spoilage. We recommend you read and familiarise yourself with these guidelines via the links below:

Immunise Australia Program Website:

Strive for 5 PDF :$File/strive-for-5-guidelines.pdf

T6: Does my Data Logger notify me if my Medisafe Fridge goes outside the recommended temperatures? Technical


Your Medisafe fridge may rise above the recommended temperature outlined in the Strive for 5 guidelines for an unforeseen reason, such as power outages or breakdowns. This may cause spoilage of the product inside. The Data Logger DOES NOT notify you in real time if your unit rises above the recommended temperatures. The Data Logger solely records data to be reviewed later.

If this functionality is required, Avem Quirks can provide additional inputs, such as the Auto Dialler, to your Medisafe solution that will notify you in the case of certain events such as a power outage. Please contact one of our experienced sales staff for further details. You can find our contact details on the Contact Us page.

T7. I have an ERROR 20 on the software page when data logger is connected? Technical


An Error 20 message is a critical battery alarm. Replacement of the Data Logger Data Logger is required. Please contact Avem Quirks to order a replacement logger.

T8. I have a -40° on my download, is this a cold chain breach? Technical


-40° may indicate a communication error between the Data Logger Data Logger and the Probe connected to the fridge. This reading may also appear if there has been a delay in removing the Data Logger from the refrigerator and performing the download on your computer. If the probe connection at the Data Logger is worn or damaged, please contact Avem Quirks to order a replacement logger.

T9. My MIN/MAX Reader display is hard to read? Technical


If your Data Logger is a Generation 1 model: - Check the degree symbol, if the C is flashing, this indicates a low battery warning - The battery of the Reader may be flat. The battery of the Reader can be replaced with a G13, 1.5V battery - Your L.C.D Display may be damaged and replacement of the MIN/MAX Reader is required. Please contact Avem Quirks for a replacement Reader.

T10. How long will the battery last in my logger? Technical


The average lifespan of a Data Logger is generally between 18-36 months however this will differ depending on how regularly the Data Logger is recording data. A Data Logger set to record at 5 minute intervals will have a shorter life than one set to record every 10 minutes.

T11. In case of a power outage, how long will my Medisafe fridge stay cold? Technical


There is no determinable time frame for this, and will depend on variables such as stock level and room temperature. We recommend that you are familiar with the Australian guidelines for Vaccine Storage, Strive for 5, and that your cold chain management system accords with guidance it provides. For more information about correct storage of Vaccine, please contact one of our experienced support staff. Strive for 5 guidelines can be downloaded here -

T12. How do i set up my Log Tag and download the information onto my PC Technical


We have a simple YouTube video which can be located in our "Help" section under videos and our brand Medisafe Plus.